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Welcome to Pruc torrents. Torrents are widely spread all over the world as they are an easy and fast way for sharing the latest releases from the warez scene and not only. A torrent file contains information about the content, the size and the locality of the file(s) shared by you. This .torrent file is rarely bigger than 10-15kb. This kind of files can be opened by a torrent client.

  Frequently Asked Questions

  • User classes and rights.

  • Uploading

     Q: I can't upload torrents. Why?
     A: Only Uploaders have the right to upload torrents.

     Q: How can I become a Junior Uploader?
     A: You should have an upload speed higher than 400 kb/sec

    You should have been registered for at least 8 weeks.
    You should have uploaded more than 500 GB.
    --- If you want to be an uploader, submit this form. The promotion is not automatic. You have to be approved by the staff first.
    You will be demoted if you havent uploaded a torrent for 8 weeks.
    Then, you can submit the uploader form again at least a month after the demotion.

  • User information

     Q: I forgot my password.
     A: Use this form so that we can send a new password to your e-mail address.

     Q: I registered but I didn't recieve a confirmation email.
     A: We don't send confirmation emails anymore. In order to login, write in your username and password.

     Q: Why is my IP visible in my profile?
     A: Everyone can see his/her own IP but it's invisible for the others.

  • Torrent information

     Q: How can I download a torrent?
     A: From the Torrents section choose a torrent youd like to download and click on it. A new page will open with information about the torrent. There is a Download button which leads to the .torrent file. Download that file and open it with a torrent client. After that start the torrent download task. If you don't have a torrent client, click here.

     Q: What does leech and leecher mean?
     A: Leech is the process of downloading a torrent. When youre downloading a torrent, youre leeching and you are a leecher.

     Q: What does seed and seeder mean?
     A: Seed is the process of sharing a torrent. When youre sharing a torrent, youre seeding and you are a seeder.

     Q: How can I create a torrent file?
     : Here's how you can upload a torrent. First, you have to create your own .torrent file. If you are using BitComet, you can create it by choosing the "File" menu and then "Create Torrent". A window will open and there will be a "Torrent Maker" blank. There you have to choose whether you'll add a single file or a directory(Multi-Files). When you choose that, you'll see the "Source File" blank. There is a button "Browse". Choose the file or the directory. After that, you'll see a blank "Tracker server". Add your server there: In the "Output" blank, you'll see where your torrent file will be saved. Mark the "Generate .torrent File" box, write down the name of the torrent, we recommend you to write the name of the file Now you only have to save the .torrent file. Click the button "Browse" and choose where to save it. Click "Save" and your .torrent file is ready.

     Q: Why did a torrent which was in the torrent site days or hours ago disappear?
     A: The most probable reason is that the seeders had stopped seeding it.

     Q: Why was my comment deleted from the torrent/forum?
     A: The most probable reason is that your comment was breaking the rules of the torrent site.

  • Configuration

     Q: Which port can I use?
     A: The forbidden ports are from 6881 to 6889. Use bigger than these, we recommend ports with 5 digits and smaller than 60000 (Example: 54321).

     Q: What is a passkey?
     A: A passkey is a genuine key which substitutes the IP recognition of the users. Thus, every user has his/her own unique key, which he must not share with other users in order to avoid any abuse. If somehow that key gets known to another user, you can change it through the option "Reset passkey" on your Profile menu.

     Q: What is an account parking?
     Q: What is an account parking? A: With the option for parking accounts you can prevent your user nickname from getting deleted by the system for deleting inactive accounts. Use this option only when you go away (on holiday or business for example) and you wont be using the tracker for a long time. After parking the account your access to some sections such as the tracker and browsing some pages will be forbidden. Parked accounts without any traffic realized before parking are deleted.

  • For copyrights owners

    If you have copyrights and you find information on that site which violates them, please inform us by contacting on this e-mail address: abuse( @ ) so that we can delete that information.
    The mail should contain a link and evidence of the copyrights.

  • User's questions

     Q: When I was downloading "My Blonde Neighbour and I", I was uploading with 120 KB/sec, now when I am seeding, my upload speed varies between 4-30 KB/sec?
     A: It is typical for P2P networks that the download and upload speed don't depend only on you but also on the person who is downloading/uploading, too. For example, if you are downloading HL2 and there are 10 leechers who are downloading, too, you are sharing the downloaded files and you are uploading with 120 KB/sec. After that there is only one leecher and you are the only one whos seeding the file, youre seeding it with 120 KB/sec but the user's download speed is only 20 KB/sec so you can't reach the maximum of your upload speed.

     Q: What's the difference between leeching and seeding. Do I share files all the time?
     A: The leecher downloads a torrent file and the seeder shares it. You can share things when you've downloaded them or during the downloading if there is any other leecher who has downloaded less information than you. After youve download a torrent, you start seeding it and you become a seeder - there are other people who are downloading the file from you. The seed process is a share process. You share the file so that other users can leech/download it.

     Q: What does an uploader do?
     A: The uploader is the first one who shares the information. When there is even one person who has downloaded the file, then the uploader's job is done.

     Q: What is that "Rating"? Can I raise it ?
     A: The rating is actually the ratio between leech and seed. Try to be high because the high rating gives some benefits - you can become a Power User, for example. Your rating becomes higher when you seed files. If you seed more, you'll have a better rating. Your rating becomes lower if you download.

     Q: Why can't I use some sections (Upload, Requests)?
     A: That's because you are an User. If you want an access to these sections you have to become a Power User and above. There is information about the classess up here.

     Q: Why can't I write comments?
     A: If your rating is less than 0.30 and youve uploaded less than 2 GB, you can't write comments.